Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Travel Tip Tuesday

Travel Tip Tuesday

It's Tuesday! Time for the travel tip!

There are plenty of scams that people try to pull on tourists- so keep an eye out for anything suspicious...

There is one in particular that I noticed a few times when I was traveling with a group of girl friends and never would have recognized if it hadn't been for a friend who had seen the trick before! So consider me your friend giving you the warning...

We were walking down the Seine (river that runs through Paris dividing it into the Left bank and the right bank), when an older woman bent down in front of us and stood up holding a gold ring. She stopped us frantically and told us we must have dropped this as we were walking!

Pause...we all stared at each other wondering what in the world was going on, my friend grabbed us, told us to hold our purses, and walk away as quickly as possible... what in the WORLD is going on!?

Thank goodness she said something to us because had she not, and we waited to answer this mysterious woman, we would have been pick pocketed... while the women tried to sell us the "pure gold" ring...for a great deal more than she paid for it, before she so casually dropped in front of us...Close Call!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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