Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Perfect Paris Purse

The Perfect Paris Purse

I am not a huge "purse person," if I could I would spend all my money on clothes and jewelry. I have my staple purses of course- brown, black, big, small... options that go with just about everything. Well recently my staple black purse has reached its end...tear... and I desperately needed something to take it's place.

To my complete and utter surprise I discovered the most FABULOUS designer with the most unique, fashionable, and PRACTICAL bags I have ever seen... I know when are those words EVER in the same sentence when describing bags... um never!

For starters the purse comes with a built in wallet... don't believe me? Take a look!

Still not convinced that this is one of the
greatest bags you've ever seen? Not only does it come with a built in wallet.... but it expands for the day time...

And shrinks again for night time... Wow, perfection!

There are different styles, different colors, different designs, different sizes, you name it she's got it! All bags have the option of becoming bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, and most have built in wallets that can be removed if desired. I am HOOKED!

Maybe I am a purse person after all....

If you want to see more, just join us for a trip and discover more of these hidden treasures!

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