Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware

I am getting ready for my next visit to Paris, HOORAY! I am also shopping here at home for an upcoming formal event…because clearly I need more clothes...

Just as you have to know where you are shopping and what you are buying when you are in Paris, I learned that the same thing applies here in the good old USA when bargain hunting.

I just recently bought a beautiful pair of designer jeans at TJ’s… the price tag said $59.98 and the retail price was over 200 bucks… SCORE. I looked even closer and saw the actual tag was still on the pants… wait for it… 375 dollars, DOUBLE SCORE! Great bargain!

I continued on and looked at some D&G items, $599... original suggested retail price over $800, at first glance it looks like this is yet, another great deal! But wait...what's this...the actual label price was 450 euro...well how many dollars is that? About $633.. that my friends is NOT such a great bargain, only 34 dollars off, no thank you! They tricked me!!

Moral of the story- when shopping, ALWAYS look, try, and ask before you buy, no matter where you are! TJ’s new runway section is great IF you know what you are doing…

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