Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion Tip Friday!

Fashion Tip Friday!

What better way to go into the weekend, but with a fashion tip...coming to you, all the way from Paris!

I love fashion and one of my favorite things to do while in Paris, is to people watch... looking at the newest trends that haven't quite hit the states, and peruse the stores soaking in what will soon be the IT pieces in America.

The US has seen a lot of this already... but I have noticed that there is one item ALL over the place... if you guessed leather then you are CORRECT. I am not just talking leather jackets here... but leather trimmed pants, shirts, dresses, coats, boots... you name it, leather has touched it!

If you want to do as the Parisians do, my suggestion is to go LEATHER.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paris Sights

Paris Sights

Alas, we arrived safely yesterday, survived our first day... barely...successfully made it through the second, AND got a lot accomplished... SCORE!

Break time at the apartment and all of a sudden I heard loud music coming through my window...hmm I wonder what that could be? I peaked outside the balcony and to my complete and utter astonishment the wonderfully loud noises (that sounded as if they were coming from a band of 50) were coming from two men on opposite sides of the street... not only was it just TWO men but they were "talking" back and forth to each other through their music, as if they were having their own little conversation! I was mesmerized.

Naturally, I couldn't help but take a hopefully you enjoy this as much as I did!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paris Today!

Paris Today!

Still packing of course, I find that each trip I never seem to be fully packed until the last minute...hey, at least I get it done!

Looking forward to the crepes, shopping, FRENCH of course, and learning the newest techniques from France and Switzerland for keeping yourself young...more to come on this of course!

Stay tuned for my daily updates :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Paris, Here We Come

Paris, Here We Come

Tomorrow we leave again for Paris! For once, I am going to take my own advice and PACK LIGHT! I have checked the weather and decided to bring an assortment of jeans (black, bright blue, green, and red), a few tops, scarves, accessories, and two pairs of shoes. I am forcing myself not to pack anymore and to leave plenty of room. I have my camera all set to take TONS of pics and videos and let everyone experience Paris the way we do!

Off to pack...

Friday, September 23, 2011

French Recipe Friday

French Recipe Friday

One of my favorite things to eat while in Paris is a Croque Monsieur... in simplest forms it's a French version of a ham and cheese sandwich. It's delicious, easy to make, and you can find them all over France. Put your culinary skills to work and add a little something of your own to the recipe- try different bread, vary the cheese, add a few spices... whatever works best for you! Then comes the best part... EAT and ENJOY!

Bon apetit!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Countdown Begins!

Countdown Begins!

Cinq, quatre, trois, deux, un, zero...

5 days and counting...I leave next Tuesday the 27th to head back to glamorous city of Paris! While there I will document my trip with pictures, videos, and sneak peaks into what we offer. I am looking forward to getting back and practicing my French:)

Be sure to stay tune!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tips for Tying Scarves

Tips for Tying Scarves

I already wrote a short blog about scarves and the many ways to wear them, but let's be honest... who doesn't want to know more! I received a number of questions on how to tie them without making them look sloppy...but GLAMOROUS as the Parisians do...well DING DING DING I hit the jack pot and found a great video to show you what I was talking about!

Clearly, scarves are a very important fashion accessory- they can add that extra flare to an outfit and really pull it together in a simple yet classy and sophisticated way... and even more importantly- they are FUN!

European women have long understand the importance and added chic of a creatively tied scarf, so now you can proudly tie your scarf in a number of different ways and know that you look DARN good! Happy accessorizing!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Travel Tip Tuesday

Travel Tip Tuesday

It's Tuesday! Time for the travel tip!

There are plenty of scams that people try to pull on tourists- so keep an eye out for anything suspicious...

There is one in particular that I noticed a few times when I was traveling with a group of girl friends and never would have recognized if it hadn't been for a friend who had seen the trick before! So consider me your friend giving you the warning...

We were walking down the Seine (river that runs through Paris dividing it into the Left bank and the right bank), when an older woman bent down in front of us and stood up holding a gold ring. She stopped us frantically and told us we must have dropped this as we were walking!

Pause...we all stared at each other wondering what in the world was going on, my friend grabbed us, told us to hold our purses, and walk away as quickly as possible... what in the WORLD is going on!?

Thank goodness she said something to us because had she not, and we waited to answer this mysterious woman, we would have been pick pocketed... while the women tried to sell us the "pure gold" ring...for a great deal more than she paid for it, before she so casually dropped in front of us...Close Call!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Monday, September 19, 2011



It's getting to be that time of year again when everyone breaks out their leggings! Where did summer go?!?

Nowadays you can get them anywhere and in a variety of different colors and styles- black, grey, white, blue, red, green, yellow, leather, ripped, strapped, zippers, patterned, and the list goes on.

A brand that I will swear by, although they can be on the more expensive side, is Wolford. You can buy them at Bon Marche in Paris- they have an ENTIRE section dedicated to just Wolford and most departments stores over there carry quite a large variety. You can find them in department stores here in the states as well, and Rue La La often sells them at bargain prices- WOOP!

The great thing about leggings is that they can be worn with flats, boots, EVEN heels. Pair them with a nice sweater, a blazer, and my favorite... SCARVES! I don't think you can have enough, I absolutely live in these in the fall and winter time. Not only are they a staple here, but of course they are very in, in the o so fashionable Paris. So go ahead... buy a pair!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware

I am getting ready for my next visit to Paris, HOORAY! I am also shopping here at home for an upcoming formal event…because clearly I need more clothes...

Just as you have to know where you are shopping and what you are buying when you are in Paris, I learned that the same thing applies here in the good old USA when bargain hunting.

I just recently bought a beautiful pair of designer jeans at TJ’s… the price tag said $59.98 and the retail price was over 200 bucks… SCORE. I looked even closer and saw the actual tag was still on the pants… wait for it… 375 dollars, DOUBLE SCORE! Great bargain!

I continued on and looked at some D&G items, $599... original suggested retail price over $800, at first glance it looks like this is yet, another great deal! But wait...what's this...the actual label price was 450 euro...well how many dollars is that? About $633.. that my friends is NOT such a great bargain, only 34 dollars off, no thank you! They tricked me!!

Moral of the story- when shopping, ALWAYS look, try, and ask before you buy, no matter where you are! TJ’s new runway section is great IF you know what you are doing…

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Travel Tip Tuesday

Travel Tip Tuesday

People always ask me for my travel tips when they go abroad. I finally decided to make it easier for all and share a new tip once a week... why not Tuesdays?

I will start with a small story...when traveling with my Mother, she brings maybe 2 bottoms and 3 or four tops, some accessories and THAT'S IT! I have always made fun of her for doing this... being as clothes obsessed as I am, how in the world does she plan on making that work??? What if clothes get dirty or WORSE, what if she re-wears something?? Sinful! But it wasn't until a few months ago when I had to buy a completely new bag and then pay extra (there goes my money) for getting it on the plane that I realized... hmm maybe she's onto something.

Ready for travel tip 1? TRAVEL LIGHT!!! I can not emphasize this enough, so I will say it again... TRAVEL. LIGHT.

For starters, as I learned the hard way, you will not and I repeat you WILL NOT wear everything you pack. As much as you want to bring all the trendy clothes that you own, DON'T! Bring a few staples, and some accessories to lively up the outfits...otherwise you are just using space that is needed for your newly purchased items.

Secondly, there ARE washing machines abroad. Trust me, if you need to wash your clothes, you will be able to do so!

Thirdly, and obviously most important- you WILL buy things when you travel. If you don't leave room in your bag, there will not be a place to put your wonderful purchases (and they will be wonderful)...your bag won't zip, you'll have to buy a new one, then you'll have to pay extra for the extra bag AND the added weight...who wants to spend all that extra money just to get your luggage on board?? Helloooo... NOT ME!

Lastly, on travel days, it's inevitable that you will be tired... so carrying around a bag that is 30lbs heavier than it should be is NOT a good idea... you will become angry, cranky, and not someone that anyone, including yourself wants to be around... so take it from me... TRAVEL LIGHT!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Paris Scarves

Paris Scarves

There are a ton of different ways to wear a scarf... long, short, wrap around once, a few times, tie it a knot, twisted... the list is endless.

The last time I went to Paris, I stumbled upon the most GORGEOUS Christian Dior vintage scarf... I am talking TO. DIE. FOR. I was immediately drawn to it. I ran, literally, over to where it was displayed and before I even picked it up, I knew I had to have it.

Hmph... as I lifted it up, it was much bigger than I had anticipated and wasn't sitting properly on my neck... what is a girl to do!

ALAS! After going back and forth with the lovely sales person for what seemed like a decade, I finally figured out a way to make it work. Just because it's a scarf, doesn't mean you have to wear it around your neck... no I don't mean wear it as a shirt or skirt or dress...though this does work in some instances, if the scarf is big enough of course... BUT I will use it as decoration!

Now I am sure you are probably thinking "hello, is she crazy??!?!" but I found this gorgeous frame, had the scarf pressed to get out wrinkles and creases, and it now hangs beautifully in my bedroom...Voilaaaa!

I could not be happier about my purchase!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Perfect Paris Purse

The Perfect Paris Purse

I am not a huge "purse person," if I could I would spend all my money on clothes and jewelry. I have my staple purses of course- brown, black, big, small... options that go with just about everything. Well recently my staple black purse has reached its end...tear... and I desperately needed something to take it's place.

To my complete and utter surprise I discovered the most FABULOUS designer with the most unique, fashionable, and PRACTICAL bags I have ever seen... I know when are those words EVER in the same sentence when describing bags... um never!

For starters the purse comes with a built in wallet... don't believe me? Take a look!

Still not convinced that this is one of the
greatest bags you've ever seen? Not only does it come with a built in wallet.... but it expands for the day time...

And shrinks again for night time... Wow, perfection!

There are different styles, different colors, different designs, different sizes, you name it she's got it! All bags have the option of becoming bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, and most have built in wallets that can be removed if desired. I am HOOKED!

Maybe I am a purse person after all....

If you want to see more, just join us for a trip and discover more of these hidden treasures!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jet Lag

Jet Lag

Possibly the most frustrating thing in the world to deal with. I am going to Paris to enjoy myself, why must I have to worry about physically holding my eyes open so I don't fall asleep while walking....

ALAS my friends, I found a trick that seems to work just perfectly for my non-stop trips back and forth. At first I was a bit weary of the suggestion, but now I swear by it! It's easy and simple...ready for it?

...Stay awake for the entire first day! That's it! Nothing to it! Well, in reality that first day when you get off the plane all you want to do is fall in bed, close your eyes, and sleep the day away, but I assure you... if you stay awake by the end of the day your bed will be the most comfortable place in the world.

I passed my secret along to a friend who tried it out this past Spring...he barely made it through that first day... you don't believe me? His response to "Bonjour" (hello) was "Thank You." Clearly he was not all there, BUT the rest of his trip he was alert and in the correct time zone... and looking back that first day was well worth it!

Next time you are in Paris, I dare you to try my trick...