Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tips for Tying Scarves

Tips for Tying Scarves

I already wrote a short blog about scarves and the many ways to wear them, but let's be honest... who doesn't want to know more! I received a number of questions on how to tie them without making them look sloppy...but GLAMOROUS as the Parisians do...well DING DING DING I hit the jack pot and found a great video to show you what I was talking about!

Clearly, scarves are a very important fashion accessory- they can add that extra flare to an outfit and really pull it together in a simple yet classy and sophisticated way... and even more importantly- they are FUN!

European women have long understand the importance and added chic of a creatively tied scarf, so now you can proudly tie your scarf in a number of different ways and know that you look DARN good! Happy accessorizing!

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