Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Travel Tip Tuesday

Travel Tip Tuesday

People always ask me for my travel tips when they go abroad. I finally decided to make it easier for all and share a new tip once a week... why not Tuesdays?

I will start with a small story...when traveling with my Mother, she brings maybe 2 bottoms and 3 or four tops, some accessories and THAT'S IT! I have always made fun of her for doing this... being as clothes obsessed as I am, how in the world does she plan on making that work??? What if clothes get dirty or WORSE, what if she re-wears something?? Sinful! But it wasn't until a few months ago when I had to buy a completely new bag and then pay extra (there goes my money) for getting it on the plane that I realized... hmm maybe she's onto something.

Ready for travel tip 1? TRAVEL LIGHT!!! I can not emphasize this enough, so I will say it again... TRAVEL. LIGHT.

For starters, as I learned the hard way, you will not and I repeat you WILL NOT wear everything you pack. As much as you want to bring all the trendy clothes that you own, DON'T! Bring a few staples, and some accessories to lively up the outfits...otherwise you are just using space that is needed for your newly purchased items.

Secondly, there ARE washing machines abroad. Trust me, if you need to wash your clothes, you will be able to do so!

Thirdly, and obviously most important- you WILL buy things when you travel. If you don't leave room in your bag, there will not be a place to put your wonderful purchases (and they will be wonderful)...your bag won't zip, you'll have to buy a new one, then you'll have to pay extra for the extra bag AND the added weight...who wants to spend all that extra money just to get your luggage on board?? Helloooo... NOT ME!

Lastly, on travel days, it's inevitable that you will be tired... so carrying around a bag that is 30lbs heavier than it should be is NOT a good idea... you will become angry, cranky, and not someone that anyone, including yourself wants to be around... so take it from me... TRAVEL LIGHT!

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