Monday, September 12, 2011

Paris Scarves

Paris Scarves

There are a ton of different ways to wear a scarf... long, short, wrap around once, a few times, tie it a knot, twisted... the list is endless.

The last time I went to Paris, I stumbled upon the most GORGEOUS Christian Dior vintage scarf... I am talking TO. DIE. FOR. I was immediately drawn to it. I ran, literally, over to where it was displayed and before I even picked it up, I knew I had to have it.

Hmph... as I lifted it up, it was much bigger than I had anticipated and wasn't sitting properly on my neck... what is a girl to do!

ALAS! After going back and forth with the lovely sales person for what seemed like a decade, I finally figured out a way to make it work. Just because it's a scarf, doesn't mean you have to wear it around your neck... no I don't mean wear it as a shirt or skirt or dress...though this does work in some instances, if the scarf is big enough of course... BUT I will use it as decoration!

Now I am sure you are probably thinking "hello, is she crazy??!?!" but I found this gorgeous frame, had the scarf pressed to get out wrinkles and creases, and it now hangs beautifully in my bedroom...Voilaaaa!

I could not be happier about my purchase!

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