Monday, August 29, 2011

Where Did You Find That!

Where Did You Find That!

A group of us took a trip after we graduated college to Paris for a week. Some of us had been a few times, studied abroad there, and some had never been before. We did the typical touristy thing and went to the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and various other attractions, but because I had been so many times I decided to take us on a few adventures....

After a night out, we decided to venture around the 7th (Paris is split into arrondissements, also known as sections, 20 to be exact) and find a vintage shop that I had been told great things about. We mapped out our route and figured it should only take about 5 minutes to walk there... needless to say, 45 minutes later we still weren't there...everyone was beginning to lose faith.

Finally, my purse obsessed friend spotted a vintage Louis that SHE of all people had never seen before... this seriously must be a one of a kind. We stopped in and instantly she told us she must have it... ding ding SOLD! We grabbed her after her first purchase and ran out before she continued buying the store...

At this point, it had been over a hour, we were hungry, lost, and confused...then in front of us we spotted a street with a few shops- let's go! I confidently stated that this was my plan all along! (psshh little did they know) After taking 5 steps, we stumbled upon possibly the smallest store known to man, with more stuffed in it than a Thanksgiving Turkey. It was there that I spotted my vintage Celine gold circle necklace, worn by old celebs and restored... I was in heaven. An hour later and 3 bags each, we left feeling happy, satisfied, and accomplished. Not EVEN a huge dent in our wallets, SCORE! Little somethings for ourselves and gifts galore for our families... I would have to say, GREAT SUCCESS and lesson learned- walking the streets of Paris until you are lost, hungry, and delirious is the only way to find that special something ;)

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