Friday, August 19, 2011

Paris In July

Paris In July

Paris in July! Sales, picnics, lovers strolling hand in hand, people watching, kir royal (my favorite drink!) and fireworks!! We’ll skip past the lovers right now; that's a whole other blog.

Paris in July is so full of life, I could barely wait to drop my suitcase and head for the boulangerie. Diet be damned; I ate my way through croissants, crepes and crème brulee, naming only a few of course. The chocolate opportunities are endless.

Eating in Paris for me is as sensual an experience as shopping: each little morsel to be savored. I don’t know how it happens, whether it is that I walk everywhere or calories really don’t count there but my gustatory splurges don’t seem to do much damage. I can’t say the same for the shopping expeditions.

This time, I focused on accessories. Who knew they could add up so fast and at the flea markets, no less. That little Chanel necklace with her signature camellia and the Hermes ties for all the men in my life…calme toi… no scandalous affairs…that Goyard bag that NO ONE else had but me. It’s all worth it. The sales take a strong constitution, experience, and a plan but armed with that, the possibilities are endless…boutiques, department stores, flea markets and street markets. They all have something unique.

Bastille Day (French National Day!) brought a different kind of excitement. Fireworks! I stayed close enough to the Tour Eiffel to walk to a great vantage point to watch the spectacle…and what a spectacle. From the bridge, I with thousands of others craned our necks, oohed and aahed and ate, of course, while the show began and ended with a magical vibe matched only by the colors and spirit of the crowd. Vive la France! And vive French food and shopping!

A la prochaine…

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