Monday, August 22, 2011

Paris Chocolate

Paris Chocolate

It’s true, Chocolate is better in Paris. Don’t believe me? Plan your next trip to include a stopover in Paris and experience it for yourself!

I have eaten many chocolates but believe it or not, was a diehard Hershey’s chocolate fan...kisses to be exact, straight from the source in Hershey Pa. Hands down, no competition. I know, seems a little pedestrian, but I had sampled quite a few mini blocks from around the globe. Reese’s peanut butter cups, Chocolate and peanut butter, who ever thought of this was just pure genius. Just ask ET!

So I ask again, how is chocolate BETTER in Paris? Well, I will tell you…imagine biting into the most decadent piece of candy you have ever had melt in your mouth. It’s fresh, exotic, seductive, the magical vapor trail of chocolate decadence drawing you in as soon as you walk into the store. You are overwhelmed by the delicate fragrance, the silky texture of each little pristine morsel beckoning you to try one. No, not factory chocolate, but handmade, piece by piece, by artisanal hands, straight to perfection. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate caramel, chocolate pecans, chocolate and coconut, chocolate and bountiful fruits from faraway places, chocolate with chocolate and more chocolate…oh please, I need a little napkin as my mouth has succumbed to the temptation...

And you can’t just have one… they are my latest petits opiacés. Your hand glides toward that box, over and over; Oops, quelle horreur (what a horror)… the package is empty! Where can I get more!!

Of course there are chocolate shops everywhere in Paris…some are better than others, but imagine being able to just stop in and purchase hand made chocolate at places dedicated to selling JUST CHOCOLATE, are they trying to make me huge???

La Maison du chocolat, La Mere de Famille, Le Chat Bleu….Michel Ch….no he is my secret hero. You will have to find him on your own. Take it from me, I turned a non chocolate lover, I know how can this be, into a chocolate guru after just ONE visit… so go ahead, I dare you… try some!

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