Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Je Ne Sais Quoi of Shopping In Paris

The Je Ne Sais Quoi of Shopping in Paris

The Je ne sais quoi of shopping in Paris…how does one define it.

It is something to be savored like fine wine or that little tiny piece of heavenly chocolate from Michel Chaudun that is better than sinful.

It’s the scarf you take home; you know the vintage Dries van Noten you picked up in the chic 7th, the shop just off Rue Cler. You wear it to the little dinner party you’re throwing for a few friends and associates back home. The table you set is, oh so…French…. layered with the tapestry and antique linens you picked up in Cligancourt (Paris Flea Markets!) and positively glowing in the candlelight from the little candles you picked up in, of all places, Monoprix!! Who knew? Shhhh…. your guests don’t know.

You glide past them, trailing that incredible scarf, leaving a vapor trail of silky dark fragrance; you found that perfume in the salons de palais royal, or did it find you. The bell jars of Serge Lutens. The name alone leaves an impression but not quite like that scent. They are whispering about it and you, as you pour another Kir Royal.

You don’t mind; all but one of those little comments floating behind you is whispered with quiet admiration. It’s hard to decide at this moment whether you are having more fun with the appreciative whispers or that other one….the look that is turning greener with each sip of your new favorite little aperitif. You’re having fun, savoring the moment and remembering. Shopping in Paris: try it and create your own little stir.


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