Friday, November 4, 2011



Do you love the new trendy Paris bistro or the iconic Paris staples? No matter what you choose, the Paris Bistro, for me, is one of my guiltiest pleasures…more about a state of mind. Brasseries are great for on the go but a lovely Bistro is where you go to bask in the French experience, breathe in the perfumes of well cooked food and a great glass of wine.

Travel and Leisure has showcased a few this past month, both iconic and chic. They are predicting great things for Septime in the 11th arrondisment with its “farmer chic vibe” and “poetic…deliciousness”. As much as I have taken mental notes on this and other recommendations, I can’t always help myself from going back to a few favorites.

Chez l’Ami Jean is just around the corner from my resting place so you might say I go there for convenience sake…not true. Well maybe a wee little bit… but just thinking about the lingering meals with just the right wine and carefully packing dessert into the minutest of space left afterwards leaves me…well…not quite daintily drooling. Chez l’Ami Jean 27 rue Malar

I do venture out of the seventh though for one Bistro that really epitomizes the Bistro experience…. Bistro Paul Bert. The food, the atmosphere, the people, the food ….did I mention the food. All orchestrated by one of my heroes…I really like food, don’t I! Well, when in Paris who doesn’t.

Anyway, if you venture over to Paul Bert, one of our favorite shopping guides…Angela just might give you a wink and a smile and serve some of the best Bistro fare in Paris…at least according to me. Bistro Paul Bert 18 rue Paul Bert 11th.

Bon app├ętit!

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