Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Parisian Dinner

Parisian Dinner

For some reason, despite all the amazing choices for food in Paris, I have been CRAVING Asian. Two nights ago we decided to try the Parisian delivery experience and ordered sushi online... we were so dead from working non stop we couldn't even make it out the door for dinner!

The sushi delivery was QUITE an experience... it took 3 attempts online, and several phone calls to ensure them that we really weren't going to pick it up, we actually did want it delivered. All in all though they could not have been nicer... and if you find yourself exhausted in Paris and unable to get out the door and eat, try Sushi Shop. Their food is tres bon!

Tonight I decided I couldn't live without one of my favorite meals in Paris, it's not particularly fancy, not particularly Parisian, but it IS particularly good! We took our tired little feet straight to Wok where I had the most delicious nems (sort of a like a crispy little spring roll) ever and practiced my new French while ordering all the little spices and sauce ingredients for my personally chosen bowl of heaven just for me... mmmm

My favorite part is watching them prepare it right before my eyes... see for yourself!

Now off to practice my French...

Bon Appetit!

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