Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paris in the Spring Time

Paris in the Spring Time

Everyone LOVES Paris in the Spring time for a variety of reasons... so if you are one of the many planning a trip then and have absolutely NO idea what to wear, take a look at these photos and get some great ideas as to what will be HOT when you arrive in the City of Lights!

If you are like me, then being able to afford half the high end fashion in these photos is not realistic, so do what I do... find a few styles that you love, figure out why you love them... is it the color, the style, the accessories, the shoes... whatever it may be... then bargain shop and create your own look!

I love boutique shopping for this very reason, I get ideas in my head and mix and match a bunch of things until I feel comfortable enough to really OWN the outfit... whether I save up to spend the $200 on that great pair of shoes only to match it with a dress and bag I got on sale... or buy that AMAZING scarf that adds that extra panache... whatever it is, it's yours and you rock it!

Gotta love Paris in the Spring :)

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