Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It Doesn't Fit


No kidding…unless you are buying your clothes “sur mesure” or you are the universal clone size, some clothes that would be otherwise absolutely stunning won’t be without a tuck here, a dart there or some alteration.

Every designer and every woman who appreciates style knows not to underestimate the value of a good tailor.

REALLY, all kidding and cliché’s aside, I recently went shopping with my mother, yes mother. She tried on both a leather blazer and a suit that were nice but I was less than impressed…until she let the tailor (this store had one on site) take a look.

The result was transforming…. both to her appearance and my perspective. I never imagined the difference a few minor alterations could make, let alone the value of a timeless piece that becomes a style chameleon with an accessory or make up change.

In the photo she is wearing the blazer and the pants from the suit with one of our flea market treasures…. a Dries Van Noten scarf.

I am now a convert and from now on my “prêt a porter” finds will selectively come under the tailor’s scrutiny for that little extra transforming je ne sais quoi.

As to the accessory magic, more to come on that one…. stay tuned!

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